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I write about television, big media companies and online media for the Wall Street Journal, chronicling figures like Sumner Redstone, Shane Smith, Nancy DubucJeff BewkesRupert MurdochChase CareyKatie CouricArianna Huffington,  Abbe RavenPaula Deen and Jeff Zucker. I was part of the WSJ team that won a 2016 "Best in Business" award from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers in the Media/Entertainment Large category for our coverage of the power struggle inside Viacom. I'm currently working on my first book.

I started at the Journal covering the newspapers, magazines and online publishing beat, tracking the rise of sites like BuzzFeed and Business Insider and the death spiral of the industry where I ply my trade. My front-page stories have ranged from investigative pieces with policy impact to “A-heds” on surprisingly heated fights over the right to ride a moped with a DUIbrew cartoon beer and hire holograms of dead celebrities to hawk products.

Before joining the Journal, I covered media for Politico, The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi, and the Village Voice. My first newspaper job was at the Queens Chronicle, where I got sent out to cover a murder within five minutes of arriving in the office the first day.

On the side for several years, I co-founded and co-edited Last Exit, an online magazine of art, culture, politics and travel based in Brooklyn; wrote freelance bar and restaurant reviews for New York magazine’s website; and contributed to The Review in Abu Dhabi with stories like this cover piece on Arab Detroit in the wake of the financial crisis.

I grew up in Evansville, Indiana and have an MA in English Literature and BA in English and French from Stanford University. I live in Irvington, NY with my husband, two daughters and dog.