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Page One stories:

Meet the Mercers: A Quiet Tycoon and His Daughter Become Power Brokers in Trump’s Washington, Jan. 8, 2017
Armed with data on an alienated electorate, a hedge-fund magnate and his family shun the GOP establishment
AT&T Is in Advanced Talks to Acquire Time Warner, Oct. 21, 2016
Deal valuing Time Warner at more than $80 billion could happen as early as this weekend
Disney and Vice, a Storybook Romance, Aug. 23, 2016
The family-friendly entertainment conglomerate is betting big on the profane gonzo journalism of Shane Smith
The Relationship That Helped Redstone Build Viacom Now Adds to Its Problems, April 11, 2016
After 30 years at Sumner Redstone’s side, CEO is accused of trying to cover up mogul’s health woes
New Chapter in Redstone Media Empire Saga, Dec. 20, 2015
Sumner's daughter solidifies position in media empire that controls Viacom and CBS
Battle Brews Atop Media Giant Viacom, Oct. 7, 2015
Concern about health of Chairman Sumner Redstone sparks questions over who will succeed him
Hulu Steps Up Its Fight Against Netflix, June 17, 2015
Much smaller Web-video service secures shows with marketing promises as well as money
Behind Time Warner Chief’s ‘Cord-Cutter’ Pitch, April 12, 2015
CEO Jeff Bewkes wants to sell HBO online, but must win over pay-TV providers
Sinclair Draws Scrutiny Over Growth Tactic, October 25, 2013
TV Station King Uses “Sidecars” to Skirt Ownership Limits


In Advertising These Days, It’s All About Projecting an ImageSept. 18, 2015
A hologram war brews in race to turn dead celebrities into pitchment; Liberace, Elvis
‘The Simpsons’ Duff Beer Tries to Tap Markets Outside SpringfieldJuly 10, 2015
Inspired by animated brand, new brew hits shelves in Chile; “caramel aromatic”
Putter Power: Scooters Drive Fight in Indiana
Jan. 12, 2014
Low-Powered Mopeds Lead to Heated Political and Cultural Fight

Business stories:

Small Cable Channels You Pay for—but Don’t Watch—Are Dying, March 21, 2017
But don’t expect your bill to decrease as networks go away
Jared Kushner Delivers Critique of CNN to Time Warner Executive, Feb. 17, 2017
Trump’s son-in-law and adviser complains that coverage has been slanted against the president
Viacom to Narrow Focus to Six Key Cable-TV Channels, Feb. 8, 2017
Media company to lay out strategic plan in earnings discussion, as it seeks to mend ties with distribution partners
A+E Networks Chief Tests Limits in Bid to Revive Channels’ Fortunes, Jan. 21, 2017
Nancy Dubuc tries to conjure new hits as firm behind ‘Duck Dynasty’ feels pinch from shifting TV habits
Next Generation of Redstones Takes On Bigger Roles in National Amusements, , Nov. 15, 2016
Inside the battle between Viacom and the Redstones, and how it led to a deal
Vice Media Rides Lofty Expectations, Nov. 2, 2015
Company known for edgy reporting is poised to get its own TV channel in deal with A+E
Local TV Creates Hurdle to Streaming, Sept. 4, 2015
The difficulty of lining up deals with CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox is one reason Apple pushed back its Web-TV service
How Chase Carey Helped Build Fox Into a Major PlayerJune 16, 2015
The chief operating officer, who is stepping down, spearheaded deals for football and Fox News
Rupert Murdoch Positions Sons to Lead 21st Century Fox, June 11, 2015
Lachlan Murdoch will become executive co-chairman and James Murdoch CEO
Yahoo, Katie Couric Tweak the RecipeApril 26, 2015
It isn’t about home-page traffic, they say, playing up the staying power of interviews thanks to social media
Apple Plans U.S. Web TV Service, March 17, 2015
In talks with programmers to offer a slimmed-down bundle of about 25 channels
Nielsen to Measure Netflix ViewingNovember 18, 2014
Effort is meant to help content owners gauge impact of licensing shows
Pay-TV's new worry: 'Shaving' the Cord, Oct. 9, 2014
A growing share of subscribers are choosing skinner bundles of channels
Qualms Set In on Mobile-TV RatingsSept. 23, 2014
Industry shows reluctance to lump together different audiences
Newspapers Press On, On their OwnAug. 5, 2014
Gannett is latest media giant splitting in two, separating publishing from TV
Fox Mindful of Debt as it Eyes Time WarnerJuly 22, 2014
Media company unlikely to be willing to add much cash to an offer
AMC Bets on Payoff from Original Shows, May 29, 2014
Ownership can lead to lucrative streaming deals, but also carries more risks
Big Cable Bid WeighedDec. 10, 2013
Discovery Mulls Offer for Food Network Owner Scripps, Presaging Wave of Deals
As Young Hispanics Defect, Univision Polishes its English, Oct. 27, 2013
Cable news and entertainment venture with ABC is aimed at young Hispanics
Paula Deen’s Other Problem: Stale Ratings, June 25, 2013
Her future with the Food Network was in doubt before controversy over racial slurs erupted
Creator of ‘The Voice’ Gets A Second ActJune 9, 2013
The Netherlands’ John De Mol was a Pioneer of Reality Television
Spanish TV Eyes English Ad BudgetsMay 6, 2013
Univision, with Key Audience Growing, Seeks Bigger Share of Marketing Dollars
Rebuilding Playboy: Less Smut, More Money, Feb. 20, 2013
Publishing is Now a Sideline for Hefner’s Brainchild: A New CEO Takes a Thriftier Approach
Magazines Use Digital Editions to Ramp Up Pricing, Jan. 18, 2013
Publishers try to offset print advertising declines with big price hikes for tablet editions
Washington Post Plans a PaywallDec. 6, 2012
One of the last holdouts against the trend of charging readers for online access gives in
Pressures at Times Co. Will Test New CEO, Nov. 12, 2012
Mark Thompson faces shareholders--including Ochs-Sulzberger family--without a dividend since 2009
Paywalls Giving Newspapers Chance At Comeback, Oct. 14, 2012
Newspaper stocks up 50-80% in the last year, despite challenging fundamentals
BuzzFeed: The Advertorial’s Best Friend, Oct. 7, 2012
Site is building a business around helping advertisers craft messages that people will share with their friends.
Media Ecosystem Feeds on Anything AppleSept. 12, 2012
News about the company boosts web traffic, magazines sales and TV ratings – along with the rates charged for ads
Times-Picayune Is Singing the Blues to Angry Readers, Sept. 9, 2012
New publisher tries to convince outraged New Orleans residents it had no choice but to stop printing daily
Henry Blodget’s Second Act, July 29, 2012
Five years in, Business Insider has become a test case for the future of independent business journalism online
For AOL, A Costly Gamble on Local News Draws Trouble, May 23, 2012 at the center of a tug-of-war over the internet company's future
Huffington’s Role Shrinks at AOLMay 4, 2012
Executive says shift will free her to focus on her namesake news site as it gears up to expand abroad
CNN Feels Heat on Ratings, May 2, 2012
Cable pioneer rarely beats rivals fox and MSNBC; spotlight on network chief


Mitt Romney's talk radio blitz, Feb. 26, 2012
It's a measure of just how much the once-aloof front-runner is sweating Tuesday's contests.
Fox News 'course correction' rankles some, Feb. 14, 2012
Conservative activists feel the channel no longer speaks for them as it once did.
Jodi Kantor's 'The Obamas' book and White House response: Overkill? January 13, 2012
Before the public knew much of anything about Jodi Kantor's new book "The Obamas," the White House went on the attack.
Mitt Romney's Bain Capital days: A black box, January 11, 2012
The very private nature of private equity renders the core issue of the presidential campaign a he-said, she-said fight.
In a switch, Ron Paul ignores the media, December 30, 2011
As his surging poll numbers in Iowa have drawn scrutiny to his incendiary newsletters, reporters are complaining that Paul is now the one ignoring the media.
Newt Gingrich's favorite verb: Imagine, December 23, 2011
He calls himself a historian, but has been busier writing historical fiction, alt histories and futurism than accounts of what actually happened.
Newt's debate prep: Years of C-SPAN, December 10, 2011
For all his bashing of the media, he has one media outlet to thank for preparing him for his recent debate performances -- and it's not Fox News.
Tuna and turmoil at CPI, December 5, 2011
At a time when nonprofit journalism is being held up as the future of serious reporting, the center's woes are a cautionary tale.
Eliot Spitzer and Occupy Wall Street find each other, November 26, 2011
The former governor's career appears to be entering its third act.
Will talk radio turn on Herman Cain?, November 18, 2011
Understanding that Cain is a creature of conservative talk is the key to decoding his unconventional candidacy and surprising resilience.
The Daily Caller's growing pains, November 15, 2011
Tucker Carlson's decision to put a former PR man in charge of his newsroom has drawn criticism from staffers.
New target for 'Occupy Wall Street' critics: Media, October 25, 2011
Conservatives looking to delegitimize the protests are targeting journalists.
Washington Post paywall? No time soon, October 20, 2011
Everyone from the New York Times to the Baltimore Sun is getting on the paywall bandwagon, but the Post is happy to stay free. 
Wall Street protests: liberal cable's tea party moment? October 6, 2011
The two cable networks battling for the liberal mantle finally have a movement they can embrace with the fervor Fox News reserved for the tea party.
White House reporters go to Jay School, September 23, 2011
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney never lets the reporters he briefs each day forget that not so long ago, he was one of them.
As Rick Perry goes national, so do tales from Texas, September 18, 2011
National reporters looking dirt on Bush found mostly glowing profiles from the Texas press. But Perry is a different story.
Paul supporters decry media neglect, August 15, 2011
Ron Paul finished just 152 votes behind Michele Bachmann in the Ames Straw Poll, but from the coverage, it's hard to tell he even showed up.
The Dem who's Murdoch's shield, July 20, 2011
In times of crisis, closeness counts, and few have been closer to the Murdochs since the phone hacking scandal broke than Joel Klein.
Liberal journalism's fickle godfather, July 1, 2011
Bill Moyers has directed a lot of money to Washington journalism over the years, but many of his recent projects haven't worked out.
Newsmax hits the 'Heartland', May 7, 2011
Anyone who has even thought about running for president has come down to West Palm Beach to kiss the conservative magazine founder's ring.
Bloomberg's BGov seeks to tap into the info 'gold rush', March 3, 2011
Bloomberg launches a 'translation service' between business and government.
Will GOP take the P out of NPR? , December 12, 2010
NPR is facing the most serious threat to the "public" part of its identity since Newt Gingrich's days as House Speaker.
MSNBC's identity crisis, November 5, 2010
MSNBC wants to "Lean Forward" - but apparently not that far forward.
Fox Primary: complicated, contractual, September 27, 2010
How does Fox News cover White House hopefuls when so many are on its payroll?
New life for Washington Times, August 24, 2010
The owner of the Washington Times put the paper up for sale, Politico learned.
The biggest fish in Nevada, August 15, 2010
As American political journalists go, there are few bigger fish for the size of their ponds than Jon Ralston.
The Hotline that's now lukewarm, July 30, 2010
There was a day, not that long ago, when the most influential political news in Washington was sent by fax.
Fox admits 'breakdown' on Shirley Sherrod story, July 28, 2010
A Fox executive says it was a mistake to publish a report based on a misleadingly edited video.

Business stories:

Remembering Antoine Choueiri, March 11, 2010
The Lebanese adman who rose to control the region's television ad market did not like to lose--and rarely did.
A riddle for RAK in Georgia, February 3, 2010
Reports that Ras al Khaimah bought the Georgian opposition television station Imedi TV have prompted an outcry, but RAK denies buying it.
Prince Alwaleed and Murdoch in talks for Rotana tie-up, January 16, 2010
The Saudi billionaire discussed the future of Rotana in a meeting with the News Corp chairman.
'The Godfather' of Advertising, November 12, 2009
If the Middle East's early 21-st century advertising boom had a face, it belonged to Joseph Ghossoub.
CNN's Prism shines light on capital, November 11, 2009
about the kind of place the emirate seeks to become, even if its current media laws don't yet live up to this vision.
Cairo publisher finds model for Arabic e-books, Feb. 25, 2009
Do not hold your breath for Kindle. When the e-book revolution comes to the Middle East, it will take place on mobile phones.
World Cup host South Africa's media challenge, July 1, 2009
One of South Africa's greatest challenges during last month's FIFA Confederations Cup came not on the field but on the page.
Saudi opens to applause, January 14, 2009
Rotana showed first feature film in public in the kingdom since ultraconservative Wahhabi clerics banned cinemas in the 1970s.
Golden age of the media city, November 19, 2008
The early 21st century has been hard on media in the West, but in the Middle East it may well go down as the golden age of the media city. 
Al Jazeera English's future hinges on results of US elections, November 3, 2008
Al Jazeera's managing director believes the choice the American people make today will have a direct impact on the fortunes of the international news channel.
Who pays the composer?, October 28, 2008
The Middle East music market has no structure in place to make sure the composers who wrote the latest hot download will get paid.
Ready for our close-up, Octobe 22, 2008
Hollywood's financial woes leave an opening for would-be Gulf film financiers.
Addressing a Pressing Problem, Aug. 8, 2008
DHL still delivers packages in Abu Dhabi the old-fashioned way: using the memory of a guy who has been around for a while.

For The Review:

Cover story:

Cities of Rust: Dispatch from Dearborn, April 22, 2010
A once-proud hub of the auto industry, the unofficial capital of Arab America, and ground zero for the United States' economic meltdown.


Space Commodity, Sept. 10, 2009
If, as Ian Svenonius argues, rock is an expression of real estate, then Dubai's property crash is music to musicians' ears.
What's All the Foos About?, Dec. 19, 2008
Miqdad al Suwaidi bleeds for foosball. It's made him an international champion.
Totally Board, July 31, 2008, 2008
There is only one kind of skate park worth building in Dubai, and that's the biggest skate park in the world.
And that's Magic!, July 17, 2008, 2008
Born into a culture in which men traditionally wear white, Omar Sharif prefers black.
Suit Yourself, July 10, 2008, 2008
Abu Dhabi's new beach is raising some sartorial anxieties.

Restaurant and Bar Profiles:

Tommy's Tavern: Where old drunks and young punks unite in a shared love of cheap beer. 
Village Vanguard: The ghosts of the greatest jazzmen haunt this little, wedge-shaped basement without scaring off the players who flock there today. 
Boulevard Tavern: East Village bohemian bar owners raise a Greenpoint relic from the dead. 
Cyn Lounge: The owner of Williamsburg's most out-of-the-way rock dive sets up on the neighborhood’s most beaten path. 
Earthmatters: Turn on, tune in and log on at this Lower East Side health food store, organic cafe and Internet lounge. 
Russ & Daughters: Lox lovers flock to this Lower East Side institution, famous for its herring and smoked salmon since 1914. 
Guss' Pickles: If the Lower East Side has a flavor, it's the salty, sour snap of a pickle from Guss’ barrel. 
Cup: Astoria partyers, cinephiles and the occasional celeb chow down on larger-than-life portions of American and international diner food. 
Mark Twain Diner: Diner and bar combined, Mark Twain is American as its name. 
East Buffet and Restaurant: With Hong Kong flavor and Las Vegas style, East is in the running for Flushing's flashiest restaurant. 
Q Thai Bistro: This Queens star serves vibrant Thai food against a bohemian backdrop. 
Maxwell's: A legendary rock club that’s good enough to merit a PATH train ride to Hoboken.